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Open Medscience provides a platform for open access publishing in the peer-review  Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy (JDIT).  These published articles on nuclear medicine, medical imaging, diagnostic imaging and medical sciences will be available in HTML and PDF formats.

The JDIT peer-review process is coordinated by the Editorial Director to complete an initial assessment of your article within 3 days of submission.  If successful, the article will enter the peer-review process which should be completed within 28 days leading to a successful e-publication.


Citation: von Eyben FE, Joensuu T, Kangasmaki A, Kairemo K, Kiljunen T. Abiraterone and Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for Second Recurrence of Node-Positive Prostate Cancer – A Case Report. J Diagn Imaging Ther. 2014; 1(1): 73-80. CrossRef

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Open Medscience is designed to offer a cross-media platform to take into account the technological advances in mobile devices.  This approach to the website design will make the submission and/or publication of  JDIT articles more accessible and user-friendly.

Open Medscience will share your article with the social media platforms such as Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and Citeulike.

[18F]-Estradiol PET/CT Imaging in Breast Cancer Patients

Citation: Vaalavirta L, Rasulova N, Partanen K, Joensuu T, Kairemo K. [18F]-Estradiol PET/CT Imaging in Breast Cancer Patients. J Diagn Imaging Ther. 2014; 1(1): 59-72. CrossRef

PET/CT images quantification for Diagnostics and Radiotherapy applications

Citation: Ferrando O, Foppiano F, Scolaro T, Gaeta C, Ciarmiello A. PET/CT images quantification for Diagnostics and Radiotherapy applications. J Diagn Imaging Ther. 2015; 2(1): 18-29. CrossRef

Going Forward

At Open Medscience, we aim to improve the way research findings are addressed and communicated.  Therefore, JDIT will be open to any suggestions and are committed to working with authors, readers and editorial board members and reviewers to improve the future of open access publishing.