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Open Medscience offers a writing service platform to produce search engine friendly content in the form of Blog Articles (1000+ words) on the subjects of medical imaging, diagnostics, nuclear medicine and theranostics.

It is well documented that adding a blog section to your website will drive valuable targeted traffic to your business.

Dr Sean L Kitson is a UK-based Copywriter and Editor ready and waiting to create quality SEO content for your website through Blog Articles 1000 + words!

Medical Imaging Writing and SEO Copywriting Services

The medical blog articles that Open Medscience provides for its clients are high quality, carefully researched, appealing and most importantly search engine friendly.  The finished medical blog article is then optimised using SEO PowerSuit, and Yoast followed by plagiarism software to guarantee that the finished article is exclusive.

Introducing your Blog Article 1000+ Writer


Dr Sean L KitsonMy name is Dr Sean Kitson, founder of Open Medscience which is based in County Armagh, Northern Ireland.  I provide content writing services to businesses in the form of articles known as ‘Blog Articles 1000+.  I have a PhD in Organic Chemistry and Molecular Toxicology from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK and my thesis was on the Mechanism of Carcinogenesis by Urethane.  During my studies, I also received a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Physics and MSc in Science from the Open University, UK.  I am also an established carbon-14 radiochemist and my contribution to radiochemistry was acknowledged by winning the 2006 Wiley – Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals – Young Scientists Award for the elaborate radiosynthesis of the Parkinson’s drug apomorphine.  At present, I am a member of the Scientific Committee for the International Isotopes Society (IIS) UK group and Editor-in-Chief of Current Radiopharmaceuticals.  In addition, I have published over 50 articles including research papers, reviews, editorials in peer-reviewed journals including commercial and blog articles.

Blog Articles 1000+ for Medical Imaging & Healthcare Sectors


Take a look at some of my Blog Articles 1000+



Accelerators Medical Health Physics Radio-Guided Surgery
Brachytherapy Medical Isotopes Radioimmunology
Cancer Therapy Medical Sensors Radionuclides
Computed Tomography Neuroradiology Radionuclide Imaging
Cyclotron Technology Nuclear Cardiology Radiopharmaceuticals
DEXA Scanning Nuclear Medicine Radiotherapeutics
Diagnostic Imaging Nuclear Reactors Radiography
Dosimetry Mammography Radiotherapy physics
Drug Delivery Systems PET Imaging Radiotracers
Echocardiography Proton Beam Radiotherapy SPECT Imaging
Hybrid Imaging Systems Radiation and Detection Scintigraphy
Image Guided Surgery Radiation Regulatory Issues Surgical Methods
Imaging Agents Radiobiology Targeted Therapies
Isotope Production Radioligands Theranostics
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Radiation Protection Tumour Imaging
Mammography Radiation Safety Ultrasound imaging
Medical Devices Radiation Therapy X-rays

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