Policy on Crossmark

Open Medscience publishes the open-access Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy (ISSN: 2057-3782 Online).

Crossmark is a multi-publisher initiative to provide a standard way for readers to locate the current version of a piece of content. By applying the Crossmark logo Open Medscience is committing to maintaining the content it publishes and to alerting readers to changes if and when they occur.

Clicking on the Crossmark logo will tell you the current status of a document and may also give you additional publication record information about the document.

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Open Medscience publishes corrections for errors, made by the Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy. This also includes scientific ‘minor’ errors made by authors which do not alter the entirety and conclusions of the published article.

JDIT articles may be withdrawn from publication by their authors or by the editorial director of Open medscience. This may be due to substantial errors throughout the published article or conflicts in scientific data.

Articles may be withdrawn from publication due to scientific misconduct or elements of plagiarism. An errata will only be published at the discretion of the editorial board /editorial director and will appear as a formal notice in the Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy.


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