Radiometals for Diagnostic Imaging and Theranostics

radiopharmaceutical used in diagnostic imaging and theranostics

The first radiometal molybdenum-99/technetium-99m generator was developed at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1959, subsequently, in 1964, technetium-99m radiotracers were being established at the Argonne National Laboratory.  Currently, 85% of radiopharmaceuticals use technetium-99m based imaging agents.  These imaging agents can be used to evaluate organ function, detect cancer, measure blood flow and follow metabolic processes. Continue reading

Radiopharmaceuticals used in Nuclear Medicine

Radiopharmaceuticals are used in medical imaging such as the imaging agent technetium-99m.

An Overview of radiopharmaceuticals in clinical use

Radiopharmaceuticals primarily consist of a radioisotope which is incorporated into a pharmaceutical with the ability to evaluate a disease state inside the human body.  The pharmaceutical is used to transport the radioisotope to a certain organ, tissues or particular cells within the body. Continue reading