Mattia Riondato, Ph.D

Mattia Riondato

Radiochemist and Pharmacist, Nuclear Medicine Unit, Sant’Andrea Hospital, La Spezia, Italy.

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Jul 2016 – till present Permanent contract as Radiochemist and pharmacist

Nuclear Medicine Unit, Sant’Andrea Hospital, La Spezia. Supervisor: Prof. Ciarmiello A.

Sept 2014 – Jun 2016 Temporary contract as Radiopharmacist

Nuclear Medicine Unit, Sant’Andrea Hospital, La Spezia. Supervisor: Prof. Ciarmiello A.

Nov 2012 – Sept 2014

University research fellow for supporting Nucl Med Radiopharmacy activities

Department of Health Science, Nuclear Medicine affiliation, University of Genoa, IRCCS AOU San Martino – IST, Genoa, Italy. Supervisor: Prof. Sambuceti G.

Major tasks:

  • Synthesis of labelled radiotracers for clinical and non-clinical applications using remote controlled automated platforms with fluorine-18 (FDG and Fluoride) and carbon-11 (Choline and Methionine)
  • QC of PET radiopharmaceuticals in accordance with related EPh monographs or IMPDs ▪ Preparation of vials or single patients personalised doses of radiopharmaceuticals in aseptic conditions using controlled dispensing units
  • Preparation of personalised doses of fluorine-18-PET-tracers according to Clinical Trial requirements for Alzheimer’s
  • Kit preparation, formulation, aseptic dispensing & QC of SPECT radiopharmaceuticals (gamma emitter diagnostic tracers) and radiotherapeuticals under local requirements (NBP-MN, Italian Good Manufacturing Practice for hospitals and universities) and cGRPP-guidelines (EAMN guidelines)
  • Use of aseptic techniques for pharmaceutical manufacturing, testing and packaging according to NBP-MN and PhE
  • Use of appropriate techniques for the safe handling radionuclides used for PET-SPECT and therapeutic applications

Other research tasks:

  • Experimental studies of biodistribution on animal models using a micro-PET scanner: preparation of the PET-tracers and involvement in several steps of the experimentation
  • Development of antibodies fragment labelling procedure with Iodine-131, Iodine-123 and Yttrium-90

Jan 2011 – Oct 2012

University aid grant for supporting radiopharmacy activities

Department of Health Science, Nuclear Medicine affiliation, University of Genoa, IRCCS AOU San Martino – IST, Genoa, Italy. Supervisor: Prof. Sambuceti G.

  • Active role in the renovation of the Conventional Nuclear Medicine (SPECT) department with special care on the technetium-99m generator and related kit preparations (release of radiopharmaceuticals, use of appropriated analytical techniques, cleaning and calibration procedures of equipments, preparation of individual doses, redaction of the required documentation (Standard Operating Procedures SOPs associated with the operations of the department), hygiene and microbiological monitoring)
  • Research activity aim at the development of stem cell labelling protocols: production of [18F]FDG for imaging studies and involvement in several steps of the experimentation

Sept 2011 – Dec 2011

Tema Sinergie srl financial grant for supporting radiopharmacy activities

Nuclear Medicine Department, IRCCS AOU San Martino – IST, Genoa, Italy. Supervisors: Prof. Sambuceti G. and Rudella F.

  • Maintenance and repairing of new installed equipment for Conventional and PET Nuclear Medicine (hot cells, systems for radiopharmaceuticals handling and radioactivity monitoring)

Dec 2009 – Sept 2011

University aid grant for supporting radiopharmacy activities

Dept. of Di.M.I., Nuclear Medicine Dept, University of Genoa, Italy. Supervisor: Prof. Sambuceti G.

  • Labelling small peptides with technetium-99m
  • Supporting PET radiopharmacy activities both for tracer production and QC
  • Supporting activities for cyclotron (Eclipse CTI- Siemens) ordinary maintenance

Jan 2006 – Oct 2009

Field Service Engineer for installation and maintenance of equipment for PET- Radiopharmacy (General Electric Healthcare, GE)

General Electric Medical System srl, Milano, Italy. Resp Pignata M. for Center Italy District Major tasks:

  • Service and highly specialised assistance for the set-up of nucleofilic labelling with fluorine-18 (i.e. [18F]FDG and [18F]Choline), electrophilic labelling ([18F]DOPA) and carbon-11 tracer production by using remote controlled chemical synthesis platforms
  • Service and assistance for [18F]FDG Dispensing and Sterilising Unit (Tracerlab FX Dispensing Unit)
  • Service and assistance for cyclotrons: PET-trace and Mini-trace. First and second level courses for troubleshooting and fixing problems Other tasks: Member of the team for internal quality audits for medical systems


Sept 1996 – Dec 2001 Hospital Pharmacy Specialisation

University of Genoa, Faculty of Pharmacy, Supervisor. Prof. Pittaluga A.

Acquisition of specific competencies as described in the European Directive on Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications 2013/55/EU and 2005/36/EC with special practice in Radiopharmacy

Jan 2003 – Jan 2006

PhD in Pharmaceuticals Sciences

University of Padua, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Resp. Prof. Mazzi U.

Thesis: “Rhenium and Technetium tricarbonyl complexes containing phophine ligands: a basic study for the design of new radiopharmaceuticals”. Acquisition of specific competencies for basic design of new radiopharmaceuticals with technetium-99m and Rhenium-188.

Skills: Small peptide synthesis, “cold and hot” labelling procedures, analytical techniques as HPLC, GC, TLC, NMR, purification systems, biodistribution studies in animal models using an experimental gamma-camera


Italian professional practice exam as pharmacist (Esame di Stato)

Degree in Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Technologies University of Padua, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Resp. Prof. Mazzi U.

Sept 1996 – Dec 2001

Degree in Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Technologies


  • General Electric Advanced Courses for Engineers GE Healthcare, Development and Research Center, Uppsala (SW) First and second level courses for MINItrace e PETtrace and synthesisers Tracerlab FX, MX, FN, FE, FDOPA, FXC
  • Fellowships at Nuclear Medicine Research Labs, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Bartholomew’s Hospital-Padova University cooperation, supported by Italian government: “Stability and receptorial binding studies for diagnostic tracers”. Supervisor: Prof. Mather S.J.
  • Fellowship for a European Short Term Mission, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona- Supported by COST ACTION B12: “New set containing N and S for stabilysing technetium and rhenium”, Chem. Dep. Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain). Supervisor: Prof. Suades J.
  • Advance 1 NMR School, 2003, Milano, Italy
  • Fellowship supported by CIRCMSB – Consorzio Interuniversitario di Ricerca in Chimica dei Metalli nei Sistemi Biologici, University of Padua, Italy, Research Project: “Development of a new phosphino ligands as BFCA for Re(I) and Tc(I)” project. Supervisor: Prof. Mazzi U.
  • Erasmus Scholarship, Santiago de Compostela, Spain Chemistry Department, Research Project: “Chemical modification and characterization of furocumarinas”. Supervisor: Prof. Uriarte Villares E.

Member of the following associations: SIFO (Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy in Radiopharmacy Scientific Area), AIMN (Italian Society of Nuclear Medicine), GICR (Inter group for the chemistry of radiopharmaceuticals) and EAHP (European Association of Hospital Pharmacy). Member of the Scientific Commission for “THERACHEM”, International Symposium on TECHNETIUM and other RADIOMETALS in CHEMISTRY and MEDICINE, Bressanone (Bolzano), Italy 2006-2010-2014 eds. Teaching professor at Summer School “Up-to-date meThods for the Radiolabelling of Peptides, Immunoconjugates and Cells, and their (pre)cinicAL application and basic PrincipLe of imaging acqUiSition and interpretation” – TROPI-CALL PLUS – 2015, 2016 and 2017 eds (Pisa, Italy). Author and Co-author of more than 50 abstracts submitted to congresses and other scientific events.

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